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Support as a private person

3 out of 4 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer die within 5 years.

Therefore we need all the help we can get so that we can initiate new research that can give women hope for a brighter future. Any amount makes a difference and you can support our work with a single donation or a fixed monthly or yearly donation.

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Ovarian cancer does not only affect the woman who is diagnosed. Close family and relations such as children and spouses/partners are also affected. In other words, it is often entire families who have to go through an enormously difficult process.

– Signe, Patient Ambassador at OvaCure

Support as a company/organization

Very few women survive ovarian cancer. Your company/organization can help initiate new research so that more women are cured and survive.

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Inheritance and wills and testements

Did you know that you can make an endowment to OvaCure in your will without compromising your heirs’ share? There are many possibilities in connection with bequeathing away inheritance.

Start your own fundraiser

By setting up your own fundraiser for OvaCure, you are helping to secure new research in ovarian cancer. More research means more knowledge and potentially a new form of treatment or a cure that can change the lives of women.

If you collect money at your school, workplace, or in your association, you can transfer the money via MobilePay to the number 238766.

You can also start your own collection on Facebook by clicking here

Any amount makes a difference, and you are very welcome to contact us if we can be of assistance with your collection.


OvaCure is 100% dependent on private donations, and support at any level makes a world of difference. We are very grateful for- and appreciate all our partners. They enable us to ensure the launch and continuation of innovative research that can give women with ovarian cancer a brighter future.