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Our collaborations with companies are always based on the premise that they must create value for all parties involved. Collaborations can take many different forms. From strategic partnerships to collaborations of a more philanthropic nature and individual donations. A contribution can also be in the form of competencies (pro bono) or a collaboration carried out by a specific cause or event.

Most importantly, it helps OvaCure find the curative treatment for women with ovarian cancer, which we work towards every day. Women should not die from ovarian cancer.

Taking social responsibility

Taking social responsibility as a company and joining in collaboration with OvaCure is not only something that, as part of your CSR strategy, strengthens your image externally. It also creates proud employees, and that’s one of the most valuable things a company can have. With pride comes commitment which can be used to create new opportunities and/or optimize and increase the value of the activities you are already engaged in. We are happy to help you with this! Among other things, we can contribute with good storytelling, joint marketing, PR, creative idea development, etc.

OvaCure’s work with research and health also speaks to two of the UN’s global goals, which can be used strategically in your company’s CSR reporting.

There are as many benefits to partnering with us as there are good reasons to support this important cause.

The possibilities are many

As a company, you can choose to make a single donation. You can also choose to become a business partner or strategic partner.

As a business partner, you make an annual contribution to OvaCure or in connection with a special event. You set your own level of ambition and desire for involvement and commitment. Keeping this in mind, we tailor the collaboration that creates the greatest value.

Of course, we report paid donations to the tax authorities on the company’s CVR number if you provide us with the information. Then you receive a deduction for the donation.

The possibilities are many and you can support:

  • A specific research project
  • OvaCure’s general work with research
  • OvaCure Innovation Challenge – read more
  • OvaCure’s general work. Should you support our general work, OvaCure chooses where the money is most useful at that time

Support our work

When you support our work, you help to ensure that we can initiate and accelerate new research into ovarian cancer. There is a lack of focus and research into ovarian cancer so that it can be detected earlier and better treatment can be developed that can increase the chance of survival.