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Since its foundation in 2014, OvaCure has:

Developed the OvaCure Model, which ensures that not only more but better research is initiated.

Raised more than 23 million DKK for OvaCure- supported research projects, which have created important results in research into ovarian cancer that benefit the affected women.

Held 10 major events based on the OvaCure Model, and gathered over 95 leading researchers from more than 15 countries across institutes and specialties.

Initiated 12 research projects through the OvaCure Model to benefit women with ovarian cancer.

Created a groundbreaking international network for the benefit of ovarian cancer research.

Distinguished OvaCure as a unique research organization in our field in Denmark as well as internationally because we bring together leading researchers across specialties, institutes, and international borders to ensure facilitation and acceleration of promising research projects.

In collaboration with OvaCure, I have initiated both national and international projects in the field of ovarian cancer.
Researchers in the field must communicate and share knowledge so we can learn from each other’s research and create better treatment options for the affected women

Mansoor Raza Mirza MD
Chief Oncologist, Rigshospitalet