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When you support our work, you help to ensure that we can initiate and accelerate new research into ovarian cancer.
There is a lack of focus and research on ovarian cancer so that it can be detected earlier and better
treatments can be developed to increase the chance of survival.

A memorial gift is a beautiful way to say goodbye to the deceased.

Some choose to give a memorial gift when they have lost someone they care about. A memorial gift can be a single donation, but it can also be a recurring donation in connection with holidays or the anniversary of the death.

At memorial services and funerals, you may find that the next of kin encourage you to give a memorial gift. It may also have been the deceased’s wish. A memorial gift can, for example, be given instead of flowers, and is a way of paying tribute to the deceased while supporting an important cause that can help others in the future.

If you donate a memorial gift in connection with a fundraiser started by the next of kin, we will collect all the names of those who have donated and, if desired, we will forward them to the next of kin. We only send the names and not the individual amounts.

Every commemorative gift OvaCure receives goes to research. In this way, we work to improve treatment options and make a difference for women in future generations.

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