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How does OvaCure work with research development?

OvaCure selects and undertakes the most promising research projects in the field of ovarian cancer, and we strive to broadly gauge the research so that initiated projects raise the prospects for patients in every way. We closely follow all of our projects and are in constant dialogue with the project managers to share the results with both patients, relatives, and other researchers.

We act as an accelerator to identify, develop, initiate and sustain the progress of innovative research projects that have the potential to be groundbreaking research that can cure women with ovarian cancer. It requires funds to develop, initiate and conduct research projects, and OvaCure is therefore dependent on private funds from foundations, companies as well as private donors.

Projects are created in many ways in OvaCure, but the most important and most used method is via the OvaCure Innovation Challenge.

In addition, OvaCure holds Science Symposiums to communicate different perspectives in the field of ovarian cancer to researchers, patients, relatives, and other stakeholders. You can read more about this here.

The OvaCure model ensures that new research is initiated

OvaCure works from a model we call the OvaCure Model. In short, the model is based on initiating research across national borders and specialties and thus replacing silo thinking with co-creation. As a research organization, OvaCure is unique in its field in Denmark (and the rest of the world), precisely because we bring together leading researchers across areas of expertise and ensure the facilitation and acceleration of promising research projects.

The OvaCure model is constantly evolving to ensure that not only more, but better research is initiated in the field of ovarian cancer.