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Nana’s mother was a patient ambassador for OvaCure until she passed away. With her last strength, she helped raise awareness for ovarian cancer, and what a severe and aggressive disease it is. Now her mother is no longer here, Nana shouts loudly on her behalf.


OvaCure has three strong ambassadors,
that support our work

Anja, Relative-ambassador

“Having stood by my sister’s side throughout her illness, it is clear that there is a lack of knowledge in the area. There is a need for increased funding for ovarian cancer research so that we can learn more about the serious and aggressive disease”.

Nana, Relative-ambassador

“It is frightening how many women can walk around with this disease without knowing it. This means that many do not get a proper medical assessment – or they get it too late”.

Signe, Relative-ambassador

“Research saves lives, and concerning ovarian cancer, it is very much about prevention and future generations, as it is a hereditary disease. Action is needed”.

OvaCure’s ambassadors know first-hand what a difficult and loathsome disease ovarian cancer is. Additionally, they have had close discussions with doctors and are familiar with several hospitals around the country. They have all experienced the importance of pounding the table and insisting on being examined, just as they have all experienced a lack of urgency. Ovarian cancer is an overlooked disease, and OvaCure – together with our ambassadors – is trying to change this.

Anja stood by her sister's side for 2 years

Anja’s life turned upside down when her sister Trine, who was just 25 years old, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Trine underwent surgery and had a full hysterectomy as a preemptive measure. For the following two years, Trine went to regular check-ups, but in August 2019 the doctors offered her to stop coming for check-ups, as it was associated with a lot of anxiety. They made neither Anja nor Trine aware of the risk of relapse, and the two sisters could breathe a sigh of relief for a while.

However, a few months later in November 2019, Trine experienced pain in her left leg and she consulted the doctor. Four times she went to the doctor and stressed that she was a former cancer patient and was therefore very worried about whether the pain in her leg could be a sign of relapse. Four times she was rejected and was instead given a referral to a physiotherapist. Only on the fifth attempt, when Trine refused to leave until they admitted her, did she get a blood test. This showed an elevated amount of CA-125 in the blood.

Trine was hospitalized and a CT scan showed that the cancer was back – and that it had spread.

Listen to your body; RESPOND and INSIST! You know your own body best, so it’s vital that you react and insist to the doctor if something seems wrong for an extended period of time. Don’t wait and don’t be persuaded to wait!”