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Far too many women die from ovarian cancer

OvaCure is a non-profit organization that brings together leading researchers across specialties and national borders to initiate new innovative research that will lead to better treatment of ovarian cancer and ultimately a cure.


Our research approach

Through innovative partnerships and fundraising, OvaCure aims to support and initiate research related to ovarian cancer that can lead to earlier detection, better treatment – and ultimately find a cure.

OvaCure collaborates with some of the most promising researchers nationally and internationally. Our research strategy is based on selecting and undertaking projects within three research areas that we believe have the greatest potential in giving women with ovarian cancer and future generations, a brighter future.

Since 2014, OvaCure has initiated 10 projects.

“My greatest hope is that by prevention, early detection, and precision therapy of primary and persistent disease that we can eliminate ovarian cancer as a threat to women worldwide.

Dr. Robert C. Bast Jr.
Vice President for Translational Research, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA.

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The OvaCure Model

When OvaCure was founded in 2014, it was based on a philosophy that research can be accelerated when researchers from different scientific fields, disciplines, and countries come together. Collaboration and new important research pathways are developed when the disease is attacked from different perspectives. We call this principle the OvaCure Model.

OvaCure’s approach to exploring, developing, and initiating new research is creating positive results and has paved the way for the development of the OvaCure Innovation Challenge which is the first ‘research hackathon’ in ovarian cancer in the world. The first OvaCure Innovation Challenge was held in January 2020 in Copenhagen with the participation of researchers from all over the world and spawned several projects, all of which contribute to more research in ovarian cancer. The OvaCure Innovation 2022 was held in September and brought together more than 25 talents from nine different countries.