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Science Symposium

OvaCure holds our Science Symposium every year

The purpose of the OvaCure’s Science Symposium is to share knowledge among professionals, patients, and relatives. Ovarian cancer is in many ways an overlooked disease, and therefore it is incredibly important that we address the need for more research and listen to the challenges that both patients and professionals experience.

OvaCures Science Symposium is an opportunity to become a lot wiser about ovarian cancer, where there also is ample opportunity to network. Both before the speakers go on and during the intermission, patients can ask critical questions and hear each other’s stories.

Because of this broad forum, the disease can be illuminated from several angles, and the symposium helps spread knowledge and enlightenment. Last but not least, the OvaCures Science Symposium creates hope because the symposium allows people to think outside the box and view the disease from multiple angles.

There was a wide range of speakers at the Science Symposium 2021

The theme for the year 2021 was “What will it take for us to detect ovarian cancer earlier, and what research methods does the future hold for the field of cancer?”

This was explored in five amazing presentations, each of which, touched the audience and led to lively dialogue in the auditorium.

Nanna Cornelius, former Head of Science at OvaCure, spoke about how OvaCure works and why more research into ovarian cancer is so important. Then Lars H. Engelholm from the Finsen Laboratory / Rigshospitalet: BRIC / University of Copenhagen spoke about the path from basic scientific research to cancer therapies, while Estrid Høgdall, professor and Ph.D. made us wiser on early detection of ovarian cancer. Lotte Holck, Vice President of KIU, and Nana Holm, Relatives Ambassadors at OvaCure, closed the afternoon with a patient and relatives’ perspective.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month fell in 2021 in September, which is why OvaCure held our Science Symposium in the same month. There is a lack of knowledge about ovarian cancer among doctors and professionals, but also among the general population. For example, very few know that ovarian cancer is the most deadly form of gynecological cancer, just as very few are aware that the disease is largely lacking in general awareness.

The large turnout shows that there is a need to put ovarian cancer on the agenda.

Both in 2019 and 2021, there was a large attendance, and professionals, patients, and relatives showed great gratitude for the event. At the most recent event in 2021, the patients, in particular, expressed how important it is to see and hear that research is underway, just as they were very excited to be able to meet and talk to like-minded people as well as researchers and relatives across the board.

Who can participate?

The OvaCure Science Symposium is for anyone with an interest in ovarian cancer. The primary participants are researchers, doctors, patients, and relatives, but all are welcome.

By subscribing to the OvaCure newsletter, you can be among the first to hear about our Symposium and how to sign up. The event is typically held on a weekday afternoon and it is completely free of charge to attend. Before the symposium in September 2021, two articles with an open invitation were also published. The articles were published in Villabyerne and Østerbroliv.

“It was an incredibly wonderful experience to speak at the OvaCure’s Science Symposium in September 2021. My mom is no longer here to speak her case, so it means a lot to me that I can do it for her.

Nana Holm
Relatives’ Ambassador at OvaCure