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180.000 women
die every year

Globally, ovarian cancer affects 300,000 women a year and it is estimated that by 2040 there will be a 40% increase so each year it will affect more than 400,000 women. 180,000 women die each year from the disease and this number will also increase significantly.[1]

There is currently no cure for the majority of women with ovarian cancer. From 1995-1999 to 2010-2014, five-year survival in Denmark has increased by 10 percentage points.[2]This is very positive, but it is also a reflection of the fact that cancer packages work because more people are receiving better treatment that can prolong their lives. We have thus become better at surgery and treating cancer in general, but there is still a lack of a special focus on ovarian cancer in particular because the disease is still diagnosed far too late, and the treatment can therefore often only be considered life-prolonging.

It is the seventh most deadly cancer for women in Denmark and sadly No. 1 when it comes to gynecological cancers for women both in Denmark and in the rest of the western world.[3]

70% are diagnosed only after the cancer has spread

Unfortunately, there is no screening method that can reliably detect cancer in time, and therefore women with ovarian cancer are in 70% of cases diagnosed at an excessively advanced stage when cancer has already spread to other organs. Out of this group, 81% of the women died within the first 5 years after diagnosis, and on average these women live only for 1.5 years from the time the diagnosis is made.

More research is urgently needed

The numbers above speak for themselves. Only very few of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are cured, and there is a need to develop and initiate new research that can help us diagnose earlier, ensure better treatment and ultimately find a cure for this horrific disease, so more women can be healed and survive and we can ensure that our daughters and grandchildren have far better opportunities for a cure in future generations.




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