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When you support our work, you help to ensure that we can initiate and accelerate new research into ovarian cancer.
There is a lack of focus and research on ovarian cancer so that it can be detected earlier and better treatments can be developed
that can increase the chance of survival

With your support, you are helping to make a big difference for women with ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is an overlooked form of cancer that annually kills more than 150,000 women worldwide. A number expected to rise to over 250,000 women by 2035.

We need to do something about this. OvaCure is launching new research that can ultimately ensure a cure for ovarian cancer, and with your help, we can initiate new research for the benefit of women with ovarian cancer and future generations. Every donation makes a difference.

So donate today and create a brighter future for women with ovarian cancer.

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By becoming a member, you help OvaCure to remain a fundraising organization, and therefore your membership is very important for us. Membership allows you to vote at OvaCure’s annual general meeting, just as you will be among the first to hear about OvaCure’s events. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you want to participate, and you can easily be a passive member.

Tick the box to become a member. Remember that the membership fee of the 50 DKK is not deductible. If you give more than 50 DKK a year, the remaining amount will be deductible.

Support as a private person

OvaCure’s work for more research in this area is incredibly important. Many women with ovarian cancer are not diagnosed properly, and more knowledge in the field and better treatment options are therefore essential.

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