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OvaCure Innovation summits & collaboration labs

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In 2016, OvaCure launched the first Collaboration Labs, dedicated to accelerate existing pipeline projects. The labs offer international clinicians and researchers opportunity to further define the clinical design needed to initiate their projects. 

OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board is committed to optimising the projects while OvaCure and Anticancer Fund are responsible for project managing. This ensures optimal and efficient use of funding. Results are reported and evaluated upon achieved milestone timelines. Projects supported by OvaCure are carried out at research centres where operations, personnel and facilities are already established with medical infrastructure as well as quality compliance systems.

The annual OvaCure Innovation Summits bring together leading international experts within ovarian cancer, immunotherapy, oncology and innovative technologies. At the summit, experts provide inspiration and collaborate to develop clinical projects with the greatest potential to cure. OvaCure's Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board then co-create, innovate and invest in new research projects focusing on treatments with breakthrough potential to cure ovarian cancer. Specific criteria for selecting the participants ensures the highest level of expertise is applied to each project. Nominated research projects must have the potential to be studied in clinical trials within a reasonable time frame, ensuring an efficient journey from the laboratory to the patient.

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Themes & Outcomes of OvaCure Innovation Summits & Collaboration Labs


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Each year our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board creates a new top line question which is examined during the summit.

To participate in OvaCure Innovation Summit, please submit a 1 -page letter of interest addressing the top line question. Our board then selects participants who will be invited to the summit.

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OvaCure Innovation Summit 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Innovative Personalised Immunotherapy Approaches in Ovarian Cancer”

  • A new potential project is identified and in the process of being developed

OvaCure Innovation Summit 2016, Geneva, Switzerland


  “Where is the space for immunotherapy in ovarian cancer care?”

  • 18 Key External Experts from 8 countries united forces to identify the most promising approach for successfully treating OC patients.
  • Our pipeline project CAR T-cell Therapy was the great product of that effort.

OvaCure Collaboration Lab 2016, Copenhagen Denmark
“Combined approaches in ovarian cancer - novel peptide vaccines, clinical antibodies and ACT with TILs”

OvaCure Collaboration Lab 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Can genetic screening of ovarian cancer patients lead to curative treatment options?”

  • Development of the "Tumour-Match Project", launched December 2016

OvaCure Innovation Summit 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Innovative Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer including combination and monotherapy"

  • Development of "T-cell Combination Project", launched in 2015
  • Development of "Personal T-cell Project", launched in 2015
  • Development of "Personal Vaccine Project", launched in 2016

OvaCure Innovation Summit 2014, Bruxelles, Belgium 
"To identify and develop high quality projects within immunotherapy and ovarian cancer and assist the implementation of relevant scientific research"

  • Development of "T-cell Infusion Project", launched in 2014