Project Partners


Acceleration Partners (Donors) 

OvaCure has an operational partner, who covers all administrative costs until 2019. Thus, all other contributions are channeled without deductions to the development, launch and ongoing support of our clinical research projects.


Scientific Partner: Anticancer Fund


The Anticancer Fund is a not-for-profit organisation providing research-based information about cancer therapies and selectively funding the development of promising therapies. The Anticancer Fund targets crucial research projects which are often deemed as uninteresting from a commercial point of view.

The Fund finance the most promising treatments based on measurable outputs and are supported by a high-level advisory board as well as partnerships with international organizations. The primary goal of the Fund is to provide funding for the development of potential breakthrough therapies. 


Competency Partners

A special thanks to our competency partners for their invaluable time, resources and expertise. 


Contribution Partners

An extended thank you to our contributors for supporting OvaCure.