OvaCure is an international not-for-profit organisation based in Denmark. We innovate and accelerate treatments to cure ovarian cancer


OvaCure is happy to report improved survival rates for women with ovarian cancer!

A huge thank you to OvaCure principal investigator, Professor Lana Kandalaft and her team for their important work in developing the best vaccine approach as a treatment for ovarian cancer. 

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OvaCure is pleased to announce our new non-profit US organisation status as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charity!

The OvaCure Foundation will function as our new US entity which will bridge our work across the pond. 



OvaCure is excited to participate in this year's ASCO

June 1-5, 2018

McCormick Place - Chicago, IL

We will meet our project Personal Investigators and new Key External Experts at ASCO 2018. 

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OvaCure is proud to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals #3 #5 and #17.

OvaCure strives to better global health and well being, gender equality and partner with others to cure ovarian cancer. 

OvaCure was founded by Julian Molengrath, Henriette Svarre Nielsen and Caroline Heering in 2014 after Juliane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Today, Ovacure works as an incubator for research projects that can lead to life prolonging or curative treatment for women with ovarian cancer.

  The Late Juliane Meulengracht Bang    MD at Copenhagen University Hospital & Associate.

The Late Juliane Meulengracht Bang

MD at Copenhagen University Hospital & Associate.

  Caroline Heering    Director at Ole Kirk's Foundation

Caroline Heering

Director at Ole Kirk's Foundation

  Henriette Svarre Nielsen    MD at Copenhagen University Hospital & Associate.

Henriette Svarre Nielsen

MD at Copenhagen University Hospital & Associate.

About OvaCure

OvaCure scientists George Coukos & Mansoor Raza Mirza talks about the OvaCure projects. 

Learn about what makes the OvaCure Innovation Summits unique. 

OvaCure is a scientific innovation incubator, accelerating curative treatments in the fight against ovarian cancer. Not-for-profit. OvaCure initiates and accelerates innovative clinical projects with breakthrough potential that can lead to life prolonging or curative treatment for women with ovarian cancer. By partnering with the world’s leading experts, OvaCure acts as a unique catalyst in accelerating curative treatments and deliver these methods faster to patients.

The motivation behind the establishment of OvaCure is to create an optimal environment for leading international experts within gynaecology, immunotherapy and oncology, to meet and share their knowledge, experience and innovative ideas. When bringing together this extensive experience and knowledge, OvaCure fosters partnerships in order to expand the research field and break down the silos of specialties within the health care sector. This creates innovative clinical projects that would otherwise not have existed.

OvaCure is a European non-profit organisation and the OvaCure Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) Charity in the USA as of July 2017.


To cure ovarian cancer.


To initiate, develop and accelerate breakthrough treatments through the world’s best clinical research projects, ultimately leading to a cure for ovarian cancer. We strive for scalability to other types of cancers.


To bring together the world´s most internationally-renowned professionals in science, medical research, governments, NGOs and foundations. Through this, OvaCure works as an incubator for innovative new projects and partnerships to be initiated, developed and accelerated.

Why Ovarian Cancer?

140,000 die each year
Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of all gynaecological cancers and the fifth most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women in the developed world. Annually 239,000 new cases of ovarian cancer occur worldwide and 140,000 women die each year from the disease.

Less than 20% survive
Of all women with ovarian cancer, approximately 70% are diagnosed with an advanced stage of the disease (stage III or IV) and less than 20% of these women live more than five years after diagnosis.

The OvaCure Process

The OvaCure Process accelerates the most promising treatment approaches to ovarian cancer patients - faster.

OvaCure establishes strategic and innovative partnerships between the best international competencies within medicine, research, policy makers, NGOs and foundations. OvaCure acts as a catalyst to identify, develop, initiate and drive innovative research projects with breakthrough potential. By strengthening initiatives, already active within these areas, OvaCure establishes a closer dialogue between the scientist, clinician and physician. The OvaCure process promotes innovation, synergy and multidisciplinary knowledge sharing across all aspects of patient care.

The OvaCure process is kicked off each year by definition of the summit theme by the OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board and Anticancer Fund. A select group of international experts are then invited to submit concept proposals addressing this theme. The Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board go on to identify project proposals which have the greatest potential to life prolonging or curing treatment options for ovarian cancer patients. These concepts are presented at the annual OvaCure Innovation Summits, where the OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board, Anticancer Fund and leading experts co-create, innovate and optimise proposals into working clinical projects, which are then offered financial support.

OvaCure Innovation Summit & Collaboration Labs

OvaCure brings together scientists, clinicians and researchers from around the globe annually to co-create, collaborate and innovate ovarian cancer treatment approaches

The annual OvaCure Innovation Summits bring together leading international experts within ovarian cancer, immunotherapy, oncology and innovative technologies. At the summit, experts provide inspiration and collaborate to develop clinical projects with the greatest potential to cure. OvaCure's Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board then co-create, innovate and invest in new research projects focusing on treatments with breakthrough potential to cure ovarian cancer. Specific criteria for selecting the participants ensures the highest level of expertise is applied to each project. Nominated research projects must have the potential to be studied in clinical trials within a reasonable time frame, ensuring an efficient journey from the laboratory to the patient.

In 2016, OvaCure launched the first Collaboration Labs, dedicated to accelerate existing pipeline projects. The labs offer international clinicians and researchers opportunity to further define the clinical design needed to initiate their projects. 

OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board is committed to optimising the projects while OvaCure and Anticancer Fund are responsible for project managing. This ensures optimal and efficient use of funding. Results are reported and evaluated upon achieved milestone timelines. Projects supported by OvaCure are carried out at research centres where operations, personnel and facilities are already established with medical infrastructure as well as quality compliance systems.


Themes & Outcomes of OvaCure Innovation Summits & Collaboration Labs

Next OvaCure Innovation Summit

Up and Coming

Each year our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board creates a new top line question which is examined during the summit.


To participate in OvaCure Innovation Summit, please submit a 1 -page letter of interest addressing the top line question. Our board then selects participants who will be invited to the summit.

To find out more about the next summit

contact mail@ovacure.org


OvaCure Innovation Summit 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
  “Where is the space for immunotherapy in ovarian cancer care?”

  • 18 Key External Experts from 8 countries united forces to identify the most promising approach for successfully treating OC patients.
  • Our pipeline project CAR T-cell Therapy was the great product of that effort.

OvaCure Innovation Summit 2016, Geneva, Switzerland
“Innovative Personalised Immunotherapy Approaches in Ovarian Cancer”

  • A new potential project is identified and in the process of being developed

OvaCure Collaboration Lab 2016, Copenhagen Denmark
“Combined approaches in ovarian cancer - novel peptide vaccines, clinical antibodies and ACT with TILs”

OvaCure Collaboration Lab 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Can genetic screening of ovarian cancer patients lead to curative treatment options?”

  • Development of the "Tumour-Match Project", launched December 2016

OvaCure Innovation Summit 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Innovative Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer including combination and monotherapy"

  • Development of "T-cell Combination Project", launched in 2015
  • Development of "Personal T-cell Project", launched in 2015
  • Development of "Personal Vaccine Project", launched in 2016

OvaCure Innovation Summit 2014, Bruxelles, Belgium 
"To identify and develop high quality projects within immunotherapy and ovarian cancer and assist the implementation of relevant scientific research"

  • Development of "T-cell Infusion Project", launched in 2014

OvaCure's Collaborators in the News

  Carl June  MD, Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Charlie Gourley on Advances in Ovarian Cancer Maintenance Therapy


1 Patient, 7 Tumors and 1 Billion Cells Equals a Striking Recovery - Professor Carl June

  Carl June   MD, Professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA

OvaCure's Dr. Mansoor Raza Mirza improving survival and shifting paradigms for ovarian cancer patients

Moving the meter on Ovarian Cancer - Professor Michael Birrer