OvaCure is a scientific innovation incubator, accelerating curative cancer treatments in the fight against ovarian cancer. Not-for-profit. OvaCure initiates and accelerates innovative treatment methods with breakthrough potential that can lead to life prolonging or curative treatment for women with ovarian cancer.


Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of all gynaecological cancers and the fifth most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women in the developed world. 

Annually 239,000 new cases of ovarian cancer occur worldwide and 140,000 women die each year from the disease.

Of all women with ovarian cancer, approximately 70% are diagnosed with an advanced stage of the disease (stage III or IV) and less than 25% of these women live more than five years after diagnosis.



  1. Immunotherapy will change the way we treat cancer today
  2. The key to treat cancer is in the patients own tumour
  3. Everybody has the right to their tumour – after it has been removed
  4. Collaboration, co-creation and knowledge sharing will accelerate clinical research and bring down silos across medical disciplines


ovacure partnering to cure

By partnering with the world’s leading experts, OvaCure acts as a unique catalyst in accelerating curative treatments and deliver these methods faster to patients.


6 groundbreaking Ovacure projects with potential to Cure

To date, OvaCure has co-created and launched 5 clinical projects, which are among world-first approaches in ovarian cancer and already delivering promising early-stage patient outcomes. The 6th pipeline project is due to commence in early 2017.


Held in Geneva, Switzerland

Innovative treatment approaches were catalyzed at the 3rd OvaCure Innovation Summit this year. By bringing together world-leading scientists, clinicians and researchers, ovarian cancer will be transformed into a curable disease.

1st women to be treated by T-cell therapy in Denmark

OvaCure's flagship T-Cell Infusion Project (Denmark) is now treating ovarian cancer patients with personalised T-cell therapy.

The phase I clinical trial results have proven T-cell therapy to be a feasible treatment option for women with ovarian cancer.
The project is located at the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at Herlev Hospital and headed by Professor Inge Marie Svane and the final results are expected in 2018.

OvaCure's Fast-track Results

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