Immunotherapeutic approaches to ovarian cancer treatment

By Late Holbrook Kohrt et. al. (2015.03.24)
Department of Medicine, Division of Oncology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA

OvaCure's co-founder, Late Associate Professor Holbrook Kohrt

OvaCure's co-founder, Late Associate Professor Holbrook Kohrt

Despite advances in combinatorial chemotherapy regimens and the advent of intraperitoneal chemotherapy administration, current therapeutic options for ovarian cancer patients are inadequate. Immunotherapy offers a novel and promising therapeutic strategy for treating ovarian tumors. Following the demonstration of the immunogenicity of ovarian tumors, multiple immunotherapeutic modalities have been developed. 

Antibody-based therapies, immune checkpoint blockade, cancer vaccines, and chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells have demonstrated preclinical success and entered clinical testing. In this review, we discuss these promising immunotherapeutic approaches and emphasize the importance of combinatorial treatment strategies and biomarker discovery.