World Cancer Day 2018

On World Cancer Day we unite to raise awareness of cancer & encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

OvaCure scientists work relentlessly towards finding a cure for Ovarian Cancer!

Learn about OvaCure's projects in the video above as Professor George Coukos talks about developing T-cell therapy for patients with ovarian cancer, as well as Mansoor Raza Mirza's clinical trials and collaboration with OvaCure.

OvaCure works towards accelerating new clinical research projects, and ultimately a cure for women with ovarian cancer.


What makes OvaCure Innovation Summits unique?

The annual OvaCure Innovation Summits bring together leading international experts within ovarian cancer, immunotherapy, oncology and innovative technologies. At the summit, experts provide inspiration and collaborate to develop clinical projects with the greatest potential to cure.

"You have some of the best Key Opinion Leaders together in a room for a whole day with great brainstorming on what they are doing... we learn from each other and the key factor is collaborating... a unique opportunity that OvaCure has given us" - Mansoor Raza Mirza. 

Learn more about what makes OvaCure Innovation Summits unique in the video below.