ASCO 2017 - Highlights!

2017.05.30 ASCO pic 2017.png

OvaCure attended ASCO for the first time this year in Chicago. It was a colossal event featuring the "rockstars" of oncology and great insights into new developments for ovarian cancer. Here are  our noted key highlights...

Combinations in Immuno-Oncology are all the hype

“As single agents, we have not broken the tolerance of the ovarian cancer yet – therefore combination is the name of the game” - Professor Samir Khleif stated in the Educational Session on Immunotherapy for Gynecologic Cancers that combinations are the key to overcome resistance by the tumour microenvironment. We will be seeing more clinical trials rolling out to test PARPi + combinations for maximum impact in the ovarian cancer patient population.

The mechanisms of action of surgery is removing all the tumour”

Professor Andreas Du Bois provided excellent insight into his promising DESKTOP III trial which offers surgery for recurrent ovarian cancer patients. This approach showed a clear survival advantage for the patients treated with this surgical approach and no toxicities or adverse effects.

New space for clinical exploration in Gyneacological Cancers

Lots of great energy around the Gynecologic Cancer poster session where 3 of OvaCure’s principle investigators Dr. Mansoor Mirza, Prof. Jonathan Ledermann and Prof. Charlie Gourley presented their findings to large crowds surrounding their posters.

CAR-T for all cancers is the goal

Professor Carl June gave a great talk about the universality of CAR-T therapy and how these “living drugs” are set to take Immuno-Oncology to the next level. Prof. June also received ASCO’s Highest Scientific Honor. The award goes to an oncologist who has made outstanding contributions to cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. OvaCure is so proud to support the technology enabled by Prof. June and his research team at the University of Pennsylvania.