ESMO 2018: 60% of ovarian cancer patients receiving Lynparza lives progression-free at 3 Years compared to 27% in the placebo group

SOLO-1 trial evaluated Lynparza as a maintenance treatment for patients with newly diagnosed, advanced BRCA-mutated (BRCAm) ovarian cancer. The results show that 60 percent of the patients lives with the disease without getting worse at 36 months compared to 27 percent in the placebo group.

SOLO-1 trial could change the way patiens are treated. Not only it demonstrates the importance of identifying a patient’s BRCA mutation status at the time of diagnosis, but it also opens up new possibilities to test drugs combinations, for example in immuno-oncology settings.

OvaCure is delighted to learn about this important milestone presented by AstraZeneca and Merck & Co. at the Presidential Symposium at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2018 Congress and wishes good luck with future research developments.

Learn more:

OvaCure at the summit "Measuring The Success And Impact Of Ovarian Cancer Nonprofit Research Funding"

OvaCure accelerates clinical research on ovarian cancer through collaboration, co-creation and knowledge sharing. Therefore it was a honour for OvaCure to present at the summit "Measuring The Success And Impact Of Ovarian Cancer Nonprofit Research Funding" during the 12th Biennial Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium in Seattle this year.

For us this has been a precious occasion to bring up the challenges of organizations like OvaCure and to discuss possible solutions with patients, organizations and scientists.

The participants have shown deep interest in OvaCure and its projects, especially in the projects of T-cell Infusion, CAR-T Cell and Tumour-Match. We thank all the participants and we will treasure all the constructive feedback, insights and new knowledge gathered during the event. 

Ovacure- curing ovarian cancer together!

OvaCure presents at the 12th Biennial Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium 2018 in Seattle, Washington.

OvaCure was honoured to present at the 12th Biennial Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium in September at the University of Washington in Seattle.  

A keynote presentation by doctor Marie-Claire King, the first to identify the BRCA1, 3 days Symposium, over 370 participants, 4 sessions guiding us through the most important aspects of ovarian cancer: detection and prevention, genomics and molecular mechanism, tumor microenvironment and immunology, novel therapeutics- response and resistance.

Among others, OvaCure attended the panel "Role Of Advocates In Ovarian Cancer Research" and learned about the critical role of patient’s advocacy in securing funding.

Our sincerest thank you to the patients advocates for your great work! and thank you to Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer and the American Association for Cancer Research for giving us the precious chance to be part of this event and to help us reaching OvaCure's vision: curing ovarian cancer together.


Thank you for making OvaCure Science Symposium 2018 happen!

Thank you to all the participant of OvaCure Science Symposium 2018!

This year's theme "Personalized Medicine" has been an opportunity to bring together scientist, organisations, companies and patients for a constructive dialogue and knowledge sharing about the latest developments in the treatments for ovarian cancer.

Prof. Inge Marie Svane, has shared precious updates about the T-Cell Infusion Project.
Prof. Mansoor Raza has given insight in the Tumor Match Project.

 OvaCure aims to build bridges and create a fertile ground for new partnerships and cross-disciplinary research. Thanks to our scientists, partners and supporters, OvaCure Science Symposium 2018 has been one more step towards our common goal: curing ovarian cancer.

A special thanks to our sponsors: 

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Check the program of OvaCure Science Symposium 2018


“Immunotherapy and next-generation patient selection – unlocking the potential of personalized medicine”


17:00-18:00 RECEPTION: networking and light refreshments

18:00-18:10 Welcome by Kristin Parello-Plesner, OvaCure Strategic Director

“The importance of scientific progress from patient’s point of view – How do we see it?”

18:10-18:40 Prof. Inge Marie Svane, Chief Medical Officer, and Head of the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, Herlev Hospital

“OvaCure T-cell Infusion Project – Where are we today and where are we heading?”

18:40-19:10 Dr. Mansoor Raza Mirza, M.D., Chief Oncologist at the Department of Oncology, Rigshospitalet

“OvaCure Tumour-Match Project. Combination of two breakthroughs in cancer: immunotherapy with a next-generation patient selection – How could it benefits patients?”

19:15 Networking and wrap up

The event is sponsored and endorsed by: 


1st OvaCure Science Symposium


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Immunotherapy and Personalized Medicine for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Precision medicine will change the paradigm of cancer treatment. The only kind of treatment that has proven effective in later stage cancer with durable results is combination treatments that include immune therapy. However, identifying the successful treatment combination is challenging due to the low mutation frequency in this cancer and the variability observed patient to patient. OvaCure's portfolio projects contribute to almost all the immunotherapeutic approaches. With that synergetic approach, OvaCure strives to provide ovarian cancer patients with the best chance of survival.

The 1st Science Symposium is presented by OvaCure as our contribution to the International Ovarian Cancer Month. The goal of the Symposium is to bring together patients, foundations, philanthropists and members of the scientific, healthcare, pharmaceutical and precision medicine community; not only to increase disease awareness but to provide an overview of scientific advancement and describe the goals and achievements of some of our projects.

OvaCure is a Danish not-for-profit organization, also recognized as 501(c)(3) status in the USA, which strives to combine international efforts for curing ovarian cancer. In 4 years, OvaCure has started 5 ground-breaking projects and has 2 more in the pipeline - all of which have potential to cure and would not have existed otherwise. OvaCure also focuses on making a positive impression on society by promoting disease awareness through public outreach.


17:00-18:00 Networking and light refreshments

18:00-18:10 Welcome by Kristin Parello-Plesner, OvaCure Strategic Director

18:10-18:30 Prof. Inge Marie Svane, Chief Medical Officer, and Head of the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, Herlev Hospital

“OvaCure T-cell Infusion Project – Where are we today and where are we heading?”

18:30-18:50 Dr. Mansoor Raza Mirza, Medical Director NSGO-CTU, Chief Oncologist at the Department of Oncology, Rigshospitalet

“OvaCure Tumour-Match Project. Combination of two breakthroughs in cancer: immune therapy with a next-generation patient selection – How could it benefits patients?”

18:50 Networking opportunity





Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3


OvaCure - Curing Ovarian Cancer Together


Bristol-Myers Squibb




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13. Privacy queries

If you have any questions or queries about this Privacy and Data Protection Statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer / Data Controller using the above address and contact details

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to OvaCure's founder Juliane Meulengracht Bang

juliane website.jpeg

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to OvaCure's founder Juliane Meulengracht Bang. 

Juliane was an extraordinary person. She was a great philanthropist who dedicated her energy and resources to benefit others. Juliane had tireless power, a superb instinct for creating new opportunities and a willingness to forthrightly connect with others regarding matters professional and deeply personal. Despite her illness, she kept committing herself to OvaCure’s mission. Her energy and ideas were a daily inspiration and a driving force that kept the organisation moving forward.

In these times, we are reminded of the importance of Juliane's vision to accelerate science and find a cure for ovarian cancer. Because of who she was she brought people together and created new opportunities for innovation and collaboration between the best scientists in immunotherapy, oncology, and gynaecology.

Thank you for everything Juliane. You leave an incredible legacy, and our work is dedicated to fulfilling your vision.

Our thoughts and sympathy go out to Juliane's family in this tragic time.

The OvaCure Team.


World Cancer Day 2018

On World Cancer Day we unite to raise awareness of cancer & encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

OvaCure scientists work relentlessly towards finding a cure for Ovarian Cancer!

Learn about OvaCure's projects in the video above as Professor George Coukos talks about developing T-cell therapy for patients with ovarian cancer, as well as Mansoor Raza Mirza's clinical trials and collaboration with OvaCure.

OvaCure works towards accelerating new clinical research projects, and ultimately a cure for women with ovarian cancer.


What makes OvaCure Innovation Summits unique?

The annual OvaCure Innovation Summits bring together leading international experts within ovarian cancer, immunotherapy, oncology and innovative technologies. At the summit, experts provide inspiration and collaborate to develop clinical projects with the greatest potential to cure.

"You have some of the best Key Opinion Leaders together in a room for a whole day with great brainstorming on what they are doing... we learn from each other and the key factor is collaborating... a unique opportunity that OvaCure has given us" - Mansoor Raza Mirza. 

Learn more about what makes OvaCure Innovation Summits unique in the video below.

Become a member of OvaCure

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Hvordan gør jeg?

Medlemskab: Overfør 100 kr. til:

  • Danske Bank Reg. nr.: 9570 kontonummer: 11541267
  • Via mobilepay 91 53 94 80 og mærk indbetalingen ’medlem’ samt angiv dit fulde navn, adresse og e-mailadresse.


Støttebeløb: Overfør minimum 200 kr. til:

  • Danske Bank Reg nr.: 9570 - kontonummer: 11541267
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Husk at angive dit fulde navn og CPR-nr. (hvis du ønsker at fratrække beløbet).

OvaCure behandler alle oplysninger fortroligt.

Som medlem af OvaCure bidrager du til vigtig kræftforskning, modtager vores nyhedsbrev og har mulighed for at deltage i OvaCure events.

Al støtte går direkte til projekterne, da vores administrative omkostninger er afholdt af en driftspartner.

Vi håber du har lyst til at støtte OvaCure.

På forhånd tak. 


From OvaCure to all of you

Final version Julekort.png

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are a time to give and receive. We want to give our heartfelt thanks to all of those who have given us their trust and support.

The generous funding from our partners and donors has permitted us to initiate, develop and accelerate breakthrough treatments through the world’s best clinical research projects. Our work has resulted in five portfolio projects and two pipeline projects, all with the potential to cure ovarian cancer. 

We would never have reached these important milestones in 2017 without the loyal support from our donors, A. P. Møller Fonden, Det Obelske Familiefond, Jascha Fonden, Otto og Birthe Bangsdals Fond, Ole Kirk’s Fond, Orient Fonden, NTI Fonden and many more.

We also want to thank our pro-bono partners, strategic advisors, academic partners, clinical network and NGO partners for their ongoing support and commitment. Without your support and encouragement, our success wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you for endorsing our mission to cure ovarian cancer – together. 

 We look forward to working with you in 2018!


OvaCure is supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals: #3 #5 #17

Screenshot 2017-11-09 11.29.13.png

OvaCure is proud to announce our official support of the UN Sustainability Goals (SDG):

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Significant strides have been made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality. Major progress has been made on increasing access to clean water and sanitation, reducing malaria, tuberculosis, polio and the spread of HIV/AIDS. However, many more efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues.

Each of OvaCure's projects have maximum potential for the development of curative treatments for ovarian cancer patients. OvaCure's first five projects are currently underway, with the flagship project, T-cell Infusion, being among the world's first trials to treat ovarian cancer patients with adoptive T-cell therapy (ACT). Through these projects OvaCure supports the UN’s target 3.4.1 of working towards decreasing the mortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals (including equal access to primary education between girls and boys), women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.

OvaCure has aligned employment and leadership positions with the European Equal Treatment Directive 2006/54/EC. Currently, 8 out of 10 of OvaCure's Strategic Advisory Board members are women and 3 out of 6 of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board Members are women. Moreover, 3 out of 5 of OvaCure’s Active Projects are led by female principal investigators. This approach supports the UN target 5.5.2. of enhancing the proportion of women in managerial positions.

Goal 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

A successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. These inclusive partnerships built upon principles and values, a shared vision, and shared goals that place people and the planet at the centre, are needed at the global, regional, national and local level.

Urgent action is needed to mobilize, redirect and unlock the transformative power of trillions of dollars of private resources to deliver on sustainable development objectives. Long-term investments, including foreign direct investment, are needed in critical sectors, especially in developing countries. These include sustainable energy, infrastructure and transport, as well as information and communications technologies. The public sector will need to set a clear direction. Review and monitoring frameworks, regulations and incentive structures that enable such investments must be retooled to attract investments and reinforce sustainable development. National oversight mechanisms such as supreme audit institutions and oversight functions by legislatures should be strengthened.

OvaCure has to-date, catalysed partnerships between Denmark, the United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Hence, the OvaCure model supports the SDG target no. 17.16 of enhancing global partnerships for sustainable development.

Join our movement and become a member of OvaCure today by emailing!

2 out of 3 approved anticancer drugs in the EU do not improve survival...

 Global annual spending on cancer drugs has hit $100bn for the first time in history. But are these new and approved drugs providing survival benefits for patients? 

Global annual spending on cancer drugs has hit $100bn for the first time in history. But are these new and approved drugs providing survival benefits for patients? 

From 2009 to 2013, the EMA approved the use of 48 cancer drugs for 68 indications. The majority of these approved cancer drugs entered the market without clear evidence that they improved survival or quality of life for patients. Huseyin Naci, assistant professor of health policy at the London School of Economics has published evidence relating to a retrospective cohort study of drug approvals and their true benefits to patients and society. OvaCure accelerates clinical trial projects that have the potential to cure by increasing both overall survival and quality of life for patients. OvaCure believes that the best clinical outcomes will be achieved with personalised care. It is our hope that these endpoints will be prioritised by global regulatory agents, academia and industry when considering new clinical trial design and drug development.

Progress on many fronts- Targeting tumours with the newest technologies on offer

 There is a lot more for immunotherapy to do in future cancer care....  The Economist has just released the  Technology Quarterly  which has provided a detailed insight into the current state-of-the-art in cancer care.   IMMUNOTHERAPY has been featured for its huge promise, both as an addition to established therapies and as a foundation for future ones. The importance of genetic screening of patient's tumours has also been highlighted. OvaCure believes that the cure to ovarian cancer lies in the tumour itself. We stand by these new cutting-edge technologies, which will uncover the secrets of the tumour, leading to curative treatment options for patients.   

There is a lot more for immunotherapy to do in future cancer care....

The Economist has just released the Technology Quarterly which has provided a detailed insight into the current state-of-the-art in cancer care. 

IMMUNOTHERAPY has been featured for its huge promise, both as an addition to established therapies and as a foundation for future ones. The importance of genetic screening of patient's tumours has also been highlighted. OvaCure believes that the cure to ovarian cancer lies in the tumour itself. We stand by these new cutting-edge technologies, which will uncover the secrets of the tumour, leading to curative treatment options for patients.


The OvaCure Foundation is now a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt charity in the USA!

Screenshot 2017-09-26 13.08.27.png

To change the game of ovarian cancer research - we have to go global!

OvaCure is pleased to announce our new non-profit US organisation status as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charity based on a letter of confirmation from the US Internal Revenue Service dated 18th July 2017. The OvaCure Foundation will function as our new US entity which will bridge our work across the pond. This status will help us accomplish our goals by engaging in new partnership building and US-based fundraising.

All US donations to the OvaCure Foundation are tax deductible and are 100% directed to our breakthrough, in-patient, clinical trial projects.

ASCO 2017 - Highlights!

2017.05.30 ASCO pic 2017.png

OvaCure attended ASCO for the first time this year in Chicago. It was a colossal event featuring the "rockstars" of oncology and great insights into new developments for ovarian cancer. Here are  our noted key highlights...

Combinations in Immuno-Oncology are all the hype

“As single agents, we have not broken the tolerance of the ovarian cancer yet – therefore combination is the name of the game” - Professor Samir Khleif stated in the Educational Session on Immunotherapy for Gynecologic Cancers that combinations are the key to overcome resistance by the tumour microenvironment. We will be seeing more clinical trials rolling out to test PARPi + combinations for maximum impact in the ovarian cancer patient population.

The mechanisms of action of surgery is removing all the tumour”

Professor Andreas Du Bois provided excellent insight into his promising DESKTOP III trial which offers surgery for recurrent ovarian cancer patients. This approach showed a clear survival advantage for the patients treated with this surgical approach and no toxicities or adverse effects.

New space for clinical exploration in Gyneacological Cancers

Lots of great energy around the Gynecologic Cancer poster session where 3 of OvaCure’s principle investigators Dr. Mansoor Mirza, Prof. Jonathan Ledermann and Prof. Charlie Gourley presented their findings to large crowds surrounding their posters.

CAR-T for all cancers is the goal

Professor Carl June gave a great talk about the universality of CAR-T therapy and how these “living drugs” are set to take Immuno-Oncology to the next level. Prof. June also received ASCO’s Highest Scientific Honor. The award goes to an oncologist who has made outstanding contributions to cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. OvaCure is so proud to support the technology enabled by Prof. June and his research team at the University of Pennsylvania.

Biggest breakthrough in ovarian cancer treatment over the last Decade...

 “With very few effective treatment options for ovarian cancer, an approach that develops new ways of targeting ovarian cancer cells more effectively, and with fewer side effects, is to be welcomed.” - Annwen Jones, chief executive of the charity Target Ovarian Cancer

“With very few effective treatment options for ovarian cancer, an approach that develops new ways of targeting ovarian cancer cells more effectively, and with fewer side effects, is to be welcomed.” - Annwen Jones, chief executive of the charity Target Ovarian Cancer

The drug known as ONX-0801 was recently tested in a trial run by the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London.

This new therapy was tested in 15 women with advanced ovarian cancer and significantly shrank tumours in seven of the 15 ovarian cancer patients.

This new therapy attacks ovarian cancer by mimicking folic acid to enter the cancer cells. The drug then kills these cells by blocking a molecule called thymidylate synthase, thereby causing irreparable DNA damage.  

Ovarian cancer cells have an abnormally large number of receptors for folic acid, called alpha folate receptors. This means these cancer cells respond particularly well to the treatment. As the therapy is so specifically targeted at ovarian cancer cells, it leaves healthy cells alone. This means it does not have the side-effects, such as infections, diarrhoea, nerve damage and hair loss, often seen with chemotherapy.

OvaCure søger en studentermedhjælper til kommunikation og social media

Vil du være en del af en innovativ start-up, der ændre måden at kurere cancer på?

Brænder du for at være en del af en innovativ virksomhed, hvor der er højt til loftet og masser af udfordringer, så er du måske vores nye kommunikation og social media medarbejder, der vil være med til at gøre en forskel for kvinder med ovariecancer (æggestokkekræft) verden over.

Deadline 1. juli 2017.

OvaCure Live at the NSGO Nordic Hotspot for Rare Tumours in Gynaecological Cancers

OvaCure is excited to participate in the NSGO Annual Meeting in Helsinki, Finland today. With more than 70 international gyno-oncological experts in one room, we have a front seat to new knowledge exchange and innovation in ovarian cancer clinical research.

OvaCure is a proud collaboration partner with the Nordic Society of Gynaecological Oncology - we share successes which bring us closer to the cure for women with ovarian cancer.