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OvaCure is a not-for-profit scientific innovation incubator

Ovacure accelerates curative treatments in the fight against ovarian cancer. We fund clinical projects with breakthrough potential in ovarian cancer treatment. 

The idea behind OvaCure is to create an optimal environment for leading international experts within gynecology, immunotherapy and oncology, to meet and share their knowledge, experience and ideas to expand the research field.

OvaCure is a European non-profit organisation and the OvaCure Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) Charity in the USA.


To cure ovarian cancer.
To initiate, develop and accelerate breakthrough treatments through the world’s best clinical research projects, ultimately leading to a cure for ovarian cancer. We strive for scalability to other types of cancers.
OvaCure brings together internationally-renowned professionals in science, medical research, governments, NGOs and foundations. The organisation works as an incubator for innovative new projects and partnerships to be initiated, developed and accelerated. This creates new clinical projects that would otherwise not have existed.


140,000 die each year
Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of all gynaecological cancers and the fifth most common cause of cancer-related deaths in women in the developed world. Annually 239,000 new cases of ovarian cancer occur worldwide and 140,000 women die each year from the disease.

Less than 20% survive
Of all women with ovarian cancer, approximately 70% are diagnosed with an advanced stage of the disease (stage III or IV) and less than 20% of these women live more than five years after diagnosis.


The OvaCure Process accelerates the most promising treatment approaches to ovarian cancer patients - through collaboration.

Innovation Summits and Collaborations

OvaCure acts as a catalyst to identify, develop, initiate and drive innovative research projects with breakthrough potential. By strengthening initiatives, already active within these areas, OvaCure establishes a closer dialogue between the scientist, clinician and physician.

Each year the OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board defines a summit theme and invites a select group of international experts to submit concept proposals addressing this theme. The Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board go on to identify project proposals which have the greatest potential to life prolonging or curing treatment options for ovarian cancer patients. These concepts are presented at the annual OvaCure Innovation Summits, where the leading experts co-create, innovate and optimise proposals into working clinical projects, which are then offered financial support.