OvaCure - curing ovarian cancer together

OvaCure is a scientific innovation incubator, accelerating curative cancer treatments in the fight against ovarian cancer. Not-for-profit. OvaCure initiates and accelerates innovative treatment methods with breakthrough potential that can lead to life prolonging or curative treatment for women with ovarian cancer. By partnering with the world’s leading experts, OvaCure acts as a unique catalyst in accelerating curative treatments and deliver these methods faster to patients.

Why Focus on Ovarian Cancer?

For the majority of women with ovarian cancer, there are currently no curative treatments, and ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women in the developed world. Annually 239,000 new cases of ovarian cancer occur worldwide and 140,000 women die each year from the disease. Of women with ovarian cancer 70% are diagnosed in an advanced stage (stage III or IV), of which only 25% survive for more than 5 years.


why immunotherapy for ovarian cancer?

In 2013 immunotherapy was named as the biggest scientific breakthrough for cancer treatment by the leading scientific journal, Science. In short; immune cells are harvested from the patient's tumor and are used for the treatment of an individual cancer patient. This method has resulted in a 40% response rate in the treatment of melanoma.


OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board, Anticancer Fund and Key Opinion Leaders will select a focus area and define a topic at the annual Summit Call. Selected international experts are then invited to submit proposals that address the Summit Call. The concepts are presented at the annual OvaCure Innovation Summit, where OvaCure Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board, Anti-Cancer Fund and leading experts will co-create and collaborate to develop innovative research projects.


OvaCure's projects are unique and are all the first in the world of this type of treatment in women with ovarian cancer. The projects are developed in cooperation with OvaCure and the projects collaborates in multidisciplinary partnerships. All donations are directly invested in projects, as all operating costs are held by an administrative partner.